How are different disciplines connected?

By Madhav Kaushish

There are many ways in which different disciplines are connected. This blog post briefly explores a few of them and explains what Inquire's focus is. Inquire is concerned with developing in students the ability to construct and evaluate knowledge across disciplines. Hopefully, this post will give you some sense of what we mean by that.

A Dialogue: Sambar Rice

By Rashmi Jejurikar

This dialogue introduces the concept of variables, an important concept in scientific inquiry. With a little help from Aristotle, Riya and Dhruv unpacked the many variables that could affect the taste of Riya’s sambar. They also began to understand how they can conduct experiments to figure out which variable was at play in this story. The adventures of Riya and Dhruv continue in the next dialogue. 

Learning About Science v/s Learning to Do Science (or Mathematics, or History, or Philosophy…)

By Aditi Ahuja

What does it mean to be a scientist. Knowing a lot of facts about the world is neither neccessary not sufficient to being a good scientist. At Inquire, we look to develop in students the ability to think like scientists, mathematicians, philosophers, and so on. In this blog post, we look to give you a sense of what doing science actually looks like.

What do we mean by critical thinking?

By Madhav Kaushish

You have probably seen the term critical thinking used in many contexts. It is often a buzz word without meaning and you should be skeptical of organizations which use it without being clear about what they mean. At Inquire, we aim to clarify the terms we use. Hopefully, this article will decrease some of your skepticism.