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Inquire is dedicated to developing the thinking abilities of anybody willing to put time and effort into learning. We help learners to gain the abilities and mindsets required to construct knowledge in various domains.

This is useful for any decision a person may need to make, whether in their public, private or professional lives. For instance, if you decide to become an entrepreneur or a management consultant at a firm like McKinsey, you need to be able to understand the problem you are addressing, come up with hypotheses, design experiments, and design models to explain observed phenomena. These are all learning outcomes which Inquire aims at.

In order to achieve this, we are focused on three areas for now:


Inquire was started by members of ThinQ, a collective of educators which aims at education for well-being, with the focus being on the intellect. ThinQ has worked with various schools, educators, students, and other organizations to work towards achieving its vision.

The materials Inquire uses have been developed by various members of the ThinQ team. One of the reasons for creating Inquire is to contribute to the ThinQ cause - a part of our revenue goes to supporting ThinQ's activities and its members' work.