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Inquire offers live workshops for various audiences. We work with school students, college students, and adults who wish to become better thinkers. We do small group online classes for small groups of learners, and we also work with schools, colleges and companies.

We currently offer three workshops series. All of these workshop series aim at similar goals. However, they are designed with different audiences in mind.

Learn to Inquire for School

For Middle & High Schools

Learn to think like mathematicians, scientists, philosophers, historians, and so on. These abilities develop your mind and make you more capable no matter what you decide to do later in life

Learn to Think Critically for College

For Colleges

Learn the tools required to evaluate claims and construct knowledge. Given the changes which have occured in the world of work, career success today depends on these abilities.

Learn to Think, Inquire and Question

For Companies and Organizations

There is no age limit when it comes to learning how to think. Whether for career success or for success in your personal life, being a good thinker can take you a long way.